Bringing the Gospel

of hope to Fairfield…

and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of Urban Hope is simple: to see people freed from bondage. Though the material and financial issues of Fairfield are easy to see and tempting to focus on, there are deeper spiritual issues that need to be addressed.

We focus on the basics of God’s design for our lives. When we look at Genesis, we see God’s design for humanity is to appreciate and embrace the dignity of work, marriage, and parenting. We teach people that being a follower of Christ means returning to these basic principles of creation. For people in Fairfield, their Christian growth means growing to appreciate work, marriage, and family life.

Because of our beliefs and our unique context, we are primarily focused on four principal activities:

  • Worship
  • Leadership Development
  • Student Ministry
  • Benevolence

Our Vision

The manifold vision is a six-year plan to see Urban Hope’s ministry strengthened and more young men in Fairfield set free from captivity to generational sins.

Multiply Churches

There is a dire need in Birmingham for thriving churches where the gospel is preached and men are discipled to reach their God-given potential.

Deepen Our Roots

Urban Hope wants to be a stabilizing presence in Fairfield by investing in much-needed community development efforts.

Develop Future Leaders

The future of Fairfield is dependent on the ability to develop a new generation of leaders with a biblical worldview.

What would it look like for Christians in Birmingham to invest their financial resources in order to see churches multiplied in generationally impoverished areas of our city?


Dion Watts

This is the story of Dion Watts. A native of Fairfield, Dion now serves as Urban Hope’s director of ministries.

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Our Leadership

The manifold vision has a manifold team of advisors and ambassadors to guide it.